Training and Certifications


We offer niche business psychology courses that integrate latest findings from multiple fields, including industrial/organizational psychology, social psychology, neuroscience, behavioural economics, marketing and subliminal sciences, including neurolinguistic programming, etc. We bring the ivory tower to the workplace and board room in uniquely insightful and revealing ways.

Our courses are practical and high interactive. We employ the use of group facilitation techniques, using industry-relevant case studies, role plays, expert testimonies and critical incidence reflections

We can customize any of our programmes to achieve the goals of your in-house team


Leadership & General Management

  • BasicBody Language Analysis for BusinessLeaders
  • Advanced BasicBody Language Analysis for BusinessLeaders
  • Persuasion Psychology Masterclass
  • Neuroleadership Masterclass
  • Cross-cultural Psychology for Business Leaders
  • Transactional Analysis for Executives
  • Basic Negotiation Psychology Masterclass
  • Advanced Negotiation Psychology Masterclass



Human Resource Management Courses

  • HR & Psychometric Assessments BootCamp
  • MBTI & DISC Profiling MasterClass
  • Appreciative Inquiry forBusiness Leaders
  • Organizational Talent Mapping & Analysis Bootcamp
  • Positive Organizational Psychology Masterclass
  • Big Five Personality TestApplications in Organizations
  • Skills for Organizational Change Agents


Product Development, Marketing & Sales Courses

  • NeuroMarketing MasterClass (Consumer Neuroscience)
  • Sales Psychology MasterClass
  • Cross Cultural Psychology for Business Leaders
  • PsychographicProfiling for Digital Marketers
  • Colour Psychology MasterClass


Personal Effectiveness & Growth

  • Career Transition Workshop
  • Stress Management Technology Workshop
  • Peak Performance & Mastery Boot Camp
  • Accelerated Learning Masterclass
  • Emotional Intelligence Masterclass
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques


The institute offers certifications for organizations and individuals looking to put a stamp of authority on their skills and competencies. Our world class certifications are endorsed or offered in conjunction with leading professional bodies and certification institutes.

The following are a few of our certifications:

  • Neurolinguistic Programming Certifications (NLPCERT)
    • NLP Practitioner
    • NLP Master Practitioner
    • NLP for Sales
  • Level 1 & 2 Assessment Center Certifications (ACCERT)
  • Level 1 & 2 Psychometric Certification (PSYCERT)
  • Coaching Certifications (COCERT)

    • Certified Business&Performance Coach
    • Certified Career Coach
    • Certified Life Coach
    • Certified Sports Coach



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