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As a leading consulting psychology firm, we work with clients to solve complex people challenges from hire to fire. We have our footprints across the human resource value chain. From ensuring our clients hire the right fit to building a solid succession bench to determining how to scientifically right-size or downsize, our bespoke tools, methodologies and frameworks can be relied on anytime, any day.

Our consulting practice is dedicated to offering world class services in the following areas:

Psychometric Consulting

IIOP offers expert psychometric services to companies across the human resource value chain. Our range of services includes Test Design, Development, Administration and Interpretation. We also certify teams to run psychometric centers in their organizations under our expert mentorship.

Assessment & Development Center Consulting

We use a multi-dimensional methodology that has been proven to be highly effective in selecting, training, developing, and promoting the best. We design, develop, administer and evaluate assessment and development centers. With a team of highly experienced occupational psychologists, you have peace of mind that your assessment and development center initiatives will stand the test of time.

Psychometric Competency Mapping

Organizations always seek to measure behaviours that align with their culture and values, instead of simply assessing employees using generic psychological instruments. At IIOP, we work with organizations to select relevant assessment or design fresh assessments that are mapped to their competency frameworks, ensuring they measure and evaluate job and occupationally relevant constructs.

Business Psychology Outsourcing Services

We take the burden of navigating the complexities of designing, developing and implementing business psychology projects off our clients by partnering with them as an outsourcing consultant. Our collaboration areas include corporate assessments, employee wellness programmes, employee retention initiatives, exit management, strategic organizational effectiveness and development programmes, to mention a few.

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