Employee Recruitment: Five Ways Technology Speeds Up The Process

There are different methods a firm can employ to find the best candidate for vacant positions. When recruiting, training, or replacing new workers, it might sometimes be costly and time consuming to a firm. Therefore, it is crucial to pick the best candidates possible before continuing with the rest of the hiring process without wasting many resources. You have to come up with a strategy which might enable your firm to minimise resources in the course of filling the employee gap

That’s where technology comes in. If you use technology when recruiting, it might be so advantageous at all levels of the process. Technology has potential to increase the proficiency of the recruiting firm by saving their valuable time. It also allows picking the best among thousands of resumes within little time. Technology also makes a backup of applicant information for future reference. You can use technology in the recruitment process of your firm in a variety of ways.

Use of career sites

Applicants may set up a profile with their resumes attached to apply for positions in a company. The company can update and customise the site according to its needs. Applicant profiles’ are saved for future open positions for a specified period. With a username and password, the applicant can log in to update the essential details in their resume. It’s easier for you to check out profiles of candidates with all their documents and academic credentials.

Giving recruitment tests

Some firms require pre-recruitment tests for their applicants, use of technology helps a great deal in this. Applicants can take web-based tests and market automatically. The results are then sent to the appropriate individuals quickly, and your firm can determine within a short while which candidate to shortlist for the position.

Outsourcing from recruiting sites

You can use third-party recruiting sites like LinkedIn and Career Builder. These usually draw a large number of applicants to your site to apply. Posting job ads on third-party sites are cost efficient and save precious time.

Doing a background check on candidates

Before zeroing in on one candidate who looks to be right for the position, technology can help research the shortlisted individuals to narrow the list. A simple name search of an applicant can reveal quite a bit about them. You might be able to know about their activity on social media which might determine your judgment about them. Be sure to look at their blogs as well to get a well-rounded picture.

Conducting interviews

Technology is used in many ways to interview potential candidates. In most interviews, the panel wants to see the applicant’s faces to judge their body language and facial expressions. Applications like Skype can be used to conduct video interviews regardless of the distance between the interviewer and the applicant.

Technology isn’t going anywhere. So include it in your recruitment systems. You will be on your way to recruit your next perfect employee.

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